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Akadēmiskā terminu datubāze AkadTerm
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  1. EN Spam Fighters program
    LV surogātpasta apkarošanas programma
    RU программа борьбы с нежелательной почтой
    DE Spamschutzprogramm
    FR Programme de lutte contre le courrier indésirable
    Definīcija: The spam-fighting program that Hotmail runs where actual customers classify e-mail messages as "junk" or "not junk." Because the program is by invitation only, customers who participate are highly engaged. The Hotmail team reported in 2010 that more than half of the spam fighters participate daily. Invitations to the program are extended to a cross-section of customers who reflect the broad population of Hotmail customers in several dimensions, including age of account and country or region. Under the program, Hotmail resends an actual message that was addressed to the spam fighter. One message per day at the most is sent.
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